Welcome to Sunder


As of June 2019, Sunder is no longer undergoing active development, and will not receive security fixes. The repository has been archived. For actively maintained implementations of Shamir’s Secret Sharing, consider using Mozilla SOPS or Hashicorp Vault.

Sunder is a user-friendly graphical interface for cryptographic secret sharing.

If you’re new to cryptographic secret sharing, we recommend reading Understanding Secret Sharing, About Sunder, and Threat Modeling before trying to use Sunder.

Once you understand the concepts behind Sunder, you might be interested in learning how to Install Sunder. Once installed, you can use it to Generate Secret Shares or Recover a Secret.

Cryptographic secret sharing is suitable for a variety of possible use cases. For a quick overview, check out Why would I want to use secret sharing? and What are some real world examples?.

The code is open source, and available on GitHub.